Going through pregnancy, labor and giving birth is nothing short of an athletic event!

Wouldn't you like to meet the challenge physically ready, mentally strong, and emotionally empowered?


Join the Baby Ready Monthly Membership to get informed, empowered, equipped...and

Baby Ready!

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Molly Peebles, MTS, LMT, CPT

Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness Specialist and Health & Wellness Coach

Molly Peebles has spent the last eight years working with pregnant and postpartum moms.  As a massage therapist, birth doula, postpartum doula, infant massage educator, Bringing Baby Home educator, health & wellness coach and personal trainer, she is well-versed in the issues and concerns of moms. She has three adult children...all were nurse midwife attended non-medicated births. Molly has a way of meeting her clients where they are and helping them to not only see what is possible, but she inspires, equips and empowers them to get there!


Comprehensive Body, Mind and Spirit Fitness Programs That Will Support and

Prepare You for

Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Beyond!


 Baby Ready Fitness Monthly Membership

For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Trimesters and Postpartum Moms 

Videos, Trainings, and Resources Covering the 7 Pillars 

for Each Trimester and Postpartum

1.  Build core strength/Pelvic floor strength

2.  Cardiovascular strength

3.  Nutrition & hydration

4.  Meditation/mindfulness

5.  Pain coping techniques/labor preparation 

6.  Introspection/ journaling/ questions to ponder on your journey

7.  Self-discovery, self-confidence, self-esteem, empowerment

This Membership is for people who want to:

1.  Strengthen their pelvic floor to reduce or eliminate stress incontinence 

2.  Increase their cardio strength 

3.  Increase their core strength

4.  Improve their balance even as their belly grows

5.  Improve pregnancy posture to avoid or reduce back pain

6.  Gain overall physical strength and build endurance

7.  Build mental stamina

8.  Learn pain coping techniques for labor

9.  Build health habits to support them through their pregnancy and           beyond

10. Feel more mentally and physically prepared for labor and delivery

Is that YOU? Then get started now!

This Membership is provided on your personal Dashboard and is self-paced.  Start with the content that meets you wherever you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey.

Also includes a Private Facebook Group for community

support as well as support from me through Live Facebook trainings/Q&A 

and personal response to your questions and comments.

Basic Membership: $37/month (continues until you cancel)






Annual Basic Membership: $360 (save $84)







Plus Membership - includes Basic plus 2 Monthly 1 hour

Group Zoom calls with me to deep dive into a topic and your questions!

$67/month (continues until cancelled) 




Annual Plus Membership: $684 (save $120)







Parents Recommend

Hannah J.

"I appreciated that everything was intertwined...the physical training with preparing mentally for labor. You were so knowledgeable about pregnancy...I felt really comfortable and trusted you because you had experienced it personally. You combined the physical training with the mental preparation. I would do it again!"

John J.

"From a partner's perspective, I appreciated that you catered your program to the individual.  I saw how my wife was able to go beyond her comfort zone!"

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